Optional Add-onsΒΆ

These are the specialist analysis software packages and data sources that add power to Polyphony. It is very much the philosophy of this project to combine pre-existing, open source, published tools where possible.

Optional python modules

  • E.T.E., for nice interactive tree diagrams

Optional programs

  • NCONT from CCP4, for crystal contact calculation. Requires a license but is free for academics
  • fpocket, for pocket calculations, including druggability prediction
  • Jalview, for multiple sequence alignment annotation

Optional database access

  • The Credo database of intermolecular interactions is currently undergoing a major revision. Web access will hopefully be available soon (21/12/12). Watch for updates in Adrian Schreyer’s blog.
  • The Piccolo database of protein-protein interatomic interactions is available for download. Code is included for accessing it using sqlalchemy.